In this ever-evolving world, technology is a huge boon to mankind. 3D Laser scanning is an innovation in surveying. Lately many companies are ditching the traditional methods of surveying and opting for 3D laser scan to accurately survey information.  Choose Sea Limited if you are looking for the best 3D laser scanning services for your business.

Their experienced investigators offer dynamic 3D laser scanning services and use advanced high-resolution scanners to present accurate surveying results. Ditch the traditional surveying method and turn to upgraded methods. Request a quote from them today. Discuss your needs and get your surveying work done in a prompt manner.

What is involved in 3D laser scans?

It is a digital modeling technique that employs simple mathematics and laser light to create accurate 3D models. The spatial relationships and dimensions of targeted objects are mapped used laser light. A laser line or laser point is directed towards the area/ object and about thousands of millions of data points are recorded from various angles to construct a 360° scan.

3D laser scans are used in a wide range of applications. These scans are applicable in every area where traditional surveying is done in addition to many areas like crime scene reconstruction, restoring structure of historical objects, manufacturing heritage parts using CAD models, accident scene reconstruction etc.


  • Prompt results: Traditional hand tools can record only one point at a time making traditional surveying to be a time-consuming process. It takes days of work to deliver the surveying results. 3D laser scans provide results in a matter of minutes.

  • Cost-efficient: The less amount of manual work involved fetches less billing amount. Even mid-size projects take just about of hours. When you outscore the 3D scanning services, you cut down the time for operator training too. You end up saving time and money.
  • Reliable: The data results are highly accurate. With an accuracy rate of 0.002, this is more precise then traditional surveying methods.
  • Editable: The results are highly editable unlike traditional surveying methods which makes the planning and design process easier for the customer.

Time to switch to 3D laser scans:

3D laser scans are slowly making their way into businesses that require surveying. For now, only 20% of businesses/ companies have turned to 3D laser scans. Stay in par with your competitors by switching to advanced 3D technology and make your job easier by multifold.