Digital transformation is a real thing. Your company, regardless of size and other factors, cannot ignore it. At some point, you have to deploy devices, such as mobiles, computers, and laptops, on a large scale. The process of procurement of these devices to deployment, further configuration, and inevitable servicing & repairs, is a long-drawn one. In other words, your company will need to seek professional expertise for enterprise mobility management, and the good news is there are many services that are ready to help.

Why outsource device deployment?

Just unpacking and configuring thousands of devices at one go can take a long time, especially if you wish to manage everything in-house. Even if you choose to ignore the time factor, let’s not forget the costs involved. Even if you choose to hire a third-party repair service as needed, you may end up spending a lot more than what you would on a contract. Beyond device deployment, there is a need for servicing, repairs, and management of existing devices, which can be an expensive affair and will eventually inflate company budgets. That’s the precise reason why hiring a comprehensive service for device deployment& management is so important.

Reviewing the options

Beyond deployment of new devices, you want the company to handle all kinds of new and used devices and offer some sort of service agreement. This may include OEM repairs and services, device protection programs, and end-of-life recycling programs. Many companies have yearly contracts, while some have extended ones, so as long as the device lifecycle is valid, they will take care of the repairs. Of course, price is an important factor to consider when it comes to comparing these services, and it might be tempting to choose one that offers the lowest quote, but think of expertise. While deployment is a onetime thing, device management and servicing requires continuous assistance and timely work.

Final word

As more companies invest in new devices, deployment services and their relevance will increase. What matters is a comprehensive assistance, so that a yearly or term-based contract can be worked out within the budget. It is also wise to check their client profile and if they have worked for big order needs, especially if yours is a company that needs to deal with devices in bulk. Other aspects that should matter include management of packaging waste in sustainable ways and device recycling to reduce waste.